Lecture: Sustainable Heating Implementation of Fossil Free Technology

16 September 2020 16:00 till 17:00 - Location: Webinar - By: Eveline Zeegers | Add to my calendar

Lecture by Thomas Hoppe, TU Delft Faculty of Technology, Policy and Management, Michiel Fremouw, TU Delft Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment, and Fionnguala Sherry-Brennan, University of Exeter
Hosted by the Urban Energy Institute
Date: September 16, 2020
Time: 4-5pm CET
Moderator: Kornelis Blok

Space and water heating represent a large fraction of overall energy consumption across the EU Member States, and around one third of carbon emissions. Dependence on fossil fuels has made the heat sector hard to decarbonise. There is an enormous potential to reduce CO2 emissions in the sector by shifting to low carbon heating alternatives, but there remain many barriers to doing so.

SHIFFT is an Interreg 2 Seas project, running from 2019-2023, promoting cross-border cooperation between four European countries: The Netherlands, France, Belgium and The United Kingdom. The main objective of the SHIFFT project is to stimulate the adoption of low-carbon heating technologies in existing buildings. It will take multiple routes to achieving this through its three technical work packages. Work Package 1 devises city strategies for four municipalities within the project as well as producing general guidance for cities to make their own strategies for the move to low carbon heating. Work Package 2 focuses on developing strategies for the fullest possible inclusion of communities in co-developing and co-creating low carbon heating strategies at the local level. Work Package 3 concerns delivery of exemplar community low carbon heating projects, and involves four investment projects.

Delft University of Technology is involved in all three work packages. It is leader of Work Package 2, and is involved in Work Package 3 to design, monitor and assess technical performance of heating technologies implemented in the investment pilots. From Delft University of Technology the faculties of Architecture and the Built Environments Technology, as well as Policy and Management are involved in the project.

The presentation will provide an overview of preliminary results and current developments in SHIFFT.

For more information about the project:


Missed the lecture? Watch it below. 

Click here to download the presentation of Thomas Hoppe and Michiel Fremouw
Click here to download the presentation of Fionnguala Sherry-Brennan

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