Midterm colloquium Tycho van der Zijden

01 March 2021 13:00 - Location: online - By: DCSC

"Formal Synthesis of Event-Triggered Controllers"

In networked control systems the components of the control system communicate over a network, which poses challenges on the control synthesis procedure. Event-triggered control (ETC) is used as a way to implement digital control for the system and to overcome inefficiencies of periodic control. Formal synthesis methods are considered to automatically synthesize correct controllers with complex specifications beyond stability. The formal synthesis method that builds efficient ETC controllers from Lyapunov function variants turn out to be a powerful method. However synthesis of those Lyapunov function variants is not trivial. We propose a method to synthesize Control Lyapunov Functions for ETC by combining techniques of formal verification and symbolic regression. 

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Dr.ir. M. Mazo