Inaugural speech Klaske Havik: Poetics of the Possible

01 October 2021 15:00 till 18:00 - Location: Aula TU Delft & Online - By: Communication BK

On 1 October, professor Klaske Havik will give her inaugural speech “Poetics of the Possible: Methods of Architectural Analysis and Imagination”.

Inaugural speech Klaske Havik, Professor Methods of Analysis & Imagination, TU Delft Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment

In her inaugural address, Klaske Havik makes a plea for imaginative thinking about possible spatial and temporal realities. Taking imagination as a crucial capacity that all architects employ, she will shine a light on how creative imagination works, and how it is used in various disciplines. It is precisely this interdisciplinary look at architectural questions, that characterizes her chair Methods of Analysis and Imagination at the Department of Architecture at TU Delft.

Next to analytical methods - ranging from plan analysis to phenomenological and narrative analysis-, the Chair explores methods of imagination as a crucial source of innovation, thereby looking at how architects can learn from imaginative thinkers and makers in other fields. These diverse ways of knowing can offer valuable insights about the perceptual, social and cultural aspects of the built environment.


You can follow the inaugural speech via this link.


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