Symposium: Urban Design; Programmes and Challenges

13 December 2021 13:00 till 19:00 - By: Communicatie BK

This event will bring together a set of speakers who have played an important role in the discussion, development and practice of the discipline of urban design.

The first part of the event will consist of three short lectures; one by Tom Avermaete (ETH Zürich) and Janina Gosseye (TUDelft), one by An Fonteyne (noAarchitecten) and one by Adriaan Geuze (West 8), followed by a panel discussion. The second part of the event will be a keynote lecture by Léon Krier. This event intends to spark some discussion on the programmes and challenges of urban design, and is also intended as a festive occasion, to launch the book Urban Design in the 20th Century: A History, which has been authored by Tom Avermaete and Janina Gosseye, and which will appear later this year.

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