Urbanism & Landscape Week 2021

03 November 2021 00:00 till 05 November 2021 00:00 - Location: BK & ONLINE - By: Communication BK

From 3 until 5 November, the Urbanism & Landscape Week 2021 will take place around the theme “Emergency! Crises are defining the Living Environment, to adapt or to preserve?”, organized by practical assocation Polis.

  • To what extent is the identity of our living environment affected by a crisis?
  • Can there be a “general” rule for designing public spaces after crises?
  • Cities can adopt or preserve their identity after a crisis, what are the possible scenarios?

Political, economic, environmental, technological, social, and health crises are some of the hindrances we must deal with from time to time. These crises create obstacles in society, which shape it and ultimately make it more resilient. In 2021, where technology has improved dramatically in the design and development of our cities, there has not been enough scenarios of how the built environment will react to a potential health crisis. Nevertheless, we have seen cities change, transportation systems freeze, gathering places become empty, and electronic media gain ground, while many socio-spatial problems emerge. But the biggest question is whether this is how the crisis should have unfolded or whether the scenarios for dealing with it should already exist. We will surely know in the next sudden crisis if we do not react immediately!

Formulating the above questions and expressing our concerns regarding the impact of a crisis on our living environment, we would like to record your interpretation and views on this issue. By organizing an event based on this much-discussed topic, we would like to give the opportunity to students of both urban and landscape architecture to understand how this has affected our sector and now our position in its management. We all have something to say on the subject, but your opinion, we believe, will give strong guidelines in the way of thinking of the future designers of our living environment. We would be very honored if you could enrich us with your knowledge and understanding along these lines of the topic as one of the speakers.

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