Cyber Security Webinar by F. W. Dekker MSc : Privacy-Preserving Data Aggregation with Probabilistic Range Validation

08 June 2021 12:00 till 12:45 - Location: Zoom-meeting | Add to my calendar

The talk will be online, and the link is:
Meeting ID: 981 3277 4164
Passcode: 444941

Speaker: F. W. Dekker MSc.

Privacy-preserving data aggregation protocols have been researched widely, but usually cannot guarantee correctness of the aggregate if users are malicious. These protocols can be extended with zero-knowledge proofs and commitments to work in the malicious model, but this incurs a significant computational cost on the end users, making adoption of these protocols less likely.

We propose a privacy-preserving data aggregation protocol for calculating the sum of user inputs. Our protocol gives the aggregator confidence that all inputs are within a desired range. Instead of zero-knowledge proofs, our protocol relies on a probabilistic hypergraph-based detection algorithm with which the aggregator can quickly pinpoint malicious users. Furthermore, our protocol is robust to user dropouts and, apart from the setup phase, it is non-interactive.