"What is an Ombudsman?"

30 April 2021 12:45 till 13:30 - By: EEMCS Diversity & Inclusion Team

Job van Luyken - Ombudsman of TU Delft
(Source: delta.tudelft.nl. Photo: Sam Rentmeester)


What is an Ombudsman? How can this figure help employees and students of TU Delft?
Let's discover this together!

We are very happy to host the current Ombudsman of TU Delft: Job van Luyken. He is going to explain his important role, and he is going to reply to your questions.
As a starter, you might find this article from Delta interesting :)

This event is the opening talk of the series of events called "What is a...?organized by the EEMCS Diversity and Inclusion Team (EDIT).