Digital Book Launch: ‘Dilemmas of Energy Transitions in the Global South’

17 June 2021 15:30 till 17:00 - By: Communication

On 17 June (15:30 – 17:00) you are invited to attend the virtual book launch of ‘Dilemmas of energy transitions in the Global South’ (edited by Ankit Kumar, Johanna I. Höffken and Auke Pols).

Within the book is a chapter written by IDE Assistant Professor Abhigyan Singh and TPM PhD candidate Anna Melnyk. Their chapter is titled: “Constructing an inclusive vision of sustainable transition to decentralised energy: Local practices, knowledge, values and narratives in the case of community-managed grids in rural India” (pp. 39 – 54).

The book is fully open access (download it here). To find out more about the book and/or to register for the event, click here.