Symposium: Design/Synthesis Exercise Q4 2021

01 July 2021 09:15 till 17:00 - Location: Online - By: Department of Communication

Join us online on July 5th for the closing of Design/Synthesis Exercise!

To finalise their bachelor programme third-year bachelor’s students at the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering are required to collaborate in groups of ten students in a period of ten weeks to make a design in the field of aviation, space, earth observation or related field. During the project, students go through the complete design process, from drawing up a program of demands, concept analysis and design, concept selection to the presentation of the final design.

During this one-day online symposium all design groups will present their results and the presentations will be judged by a jury of national and international experts. 

See below the programme of the day. Links to the live streams will follow shortly.


Stream A

Stream B

Stream C

Stream D

Chair ir. Joris Melkert  dr. Jian Guo dr. Marilena Pavel (morning)
ir. Jos Sinke (afternoon) Otto Bergsma (morning) Carlos Simao Ferreira  (afternoon)
9:15 Welcome address
9:30 Group 1 - AirEco Group 22 - Mars Deploy Group 8 - SustAIn (Sustainable Autonomous pandemic Intervention) Group 2 - LastHope - a drone to call for help
10:15 Group 9 - Towards the boundaries of e-flight Group 14 - Space-based geoengineering to mitigate climate change Group 26 - Environmentally Friendly Medium-Range Aircraft Group 12 - Distributed propulsion Bush plane
11:00 Group 5 - Hydrogen Powered VTOL Aircraft Group 16 - Earth Observation and Aerosol Detection Group 3 - Monitoring drone system for air quality, noise, and turbulence in the urban environment Group 17 - One Thousand Little Lights
11:45 Group 23 - Airborne wind energy for Mars Group 18 - Mars: the Venus (Atmosphere) Explorer Group 21 - Unmanned aerial cargo delivery van for high value goods Group 19 - Electric Island Hopper
12:30 Lunch break
13:15 Group 20 - RePLASMA - Remotely PiLoted Atmospheric Science unManned Aircraft Group 4 - Very Large Moon Telescope Group 10 - Unmanned aerial vehicle equipped with oxygen supply Group 13 - Flying Carpet for Fire Departments
14:00 Group 11 - A320-HACK (Hydrogen Assisted Combustion of Kerosene) Group 7 - Space Transportation Segment for project MARCH (Martian Autarkic Research and Colonization Habitat) Group 6 - Multi-disciplinary design and optimization of long-range eVTOL aircraft Group 27 - Drone for Mars exploration
14:45 Group 25 - Skymaster Flying Propulsion Testbed Group 28 - Creating a habitat for astronauts on the moon Group 24 - High Speed Race Drone Group 15 - A low ATR, long-range aircraft using passive flow control
15:30 Self-catered reception
16:30 Award ceremony