IAEA Technical Meeting on Artificial Intelligence for Nuclear Technology and Applications

25 October 2021 08:00 till 29 October 2021 17:00 | Add to my calendar


Call for Pre-selection of Invited Speakers

IAEA Technical Meeting on Artificial Intelligence for Nuclear Technology and Applications

Virtual Event - 25–29 October 2021

Guidelines for Ethics Working Group Session


This is a call for an expression of interest to be selected as invited speaker for the Ethics Break-out Group at the above IAEA Technical Meeting. The focus of the break-out group is on establishing a new sub-discipline of ethics with a scope that ranges over AI ethics and the ethics of nuclear science, technology and applications. In other words, the focus is on issues that come up when AI applications are used in nuclear field. 

We envisage 4 themes in the break-out sessions, all with nuclear technologies as interwoven element:

  1. AI and Energy Ethics
  2. AI and Water Ethics
  3. AI and Climate Change Ethics
  4. AI and Health Ethics

There will also be a synergy session where we intend to work towards defining this new sub discipline. 

We invite abstracts of 1000 words in any of the above themes to reach us (email addresses) by 15 March 2021. 

  • Notification of suggested revisions will be sent by 30 March 2021. 
  • Revised abstract should reach us by 30 April. 
  • Final decisions on acceptance to submit an abstract as an invited speaker will be sent by 15 May. 
  • Submissions as invited speaker will be due by 4 July 2021 through IAEA-INDICO (you will receive more information on this as applicable).

This call is intended for those interested in being selected as invited speakers. For contributed poster presentations, please follow the  general guidelines provided on the official announcement and IAEA-INDICO website: https://www.iaea.org/events/evt2004304
(Invited speaker should submit to the IAEA website after receiving final decision on acceptance). 

We are planning a special issue in a high profile journal with a selection of papers from invited speakers. 

Organisers of Break-out Session 
Behnam Taebi: B.Taebi@tudelft.nl
Emma Ruttkamp-Bloem: emma.ruttkamp-bloem@up.ac.za
Matteo Barbarino: M.Barbarino@iaea.org