100 DAYS OF... Reflection | Journal Club | 26 October

26 October 2021 12:45 till 13:30 - Location: Online - By: Teaching Academy

What does research tell us about reflection in education?
In the “100 days of reflection” journal clubs we explore and discuss papers/research on reflection in engineering education.
Following a flipped-classroom approach, the participants read one article before the session (the specific article will be announced one week before the journal club date) and start an open discussion on the article with a moderator.

The core question to be addressed is: what does research tell us on the role of Reflection in designing teaching and learning to educate our future (socially responsible) engineers.

During the first Journal club (21 sept ’21) in the "100 days of Reflection" series we discussed the paper "Integrating Reflection into Engineering Education".
A good starting point to explore reflection in Engineering Education.
Please note that it is not a requirement that you have attended the first Journal Club to join this session.

Looking at Reflection integrated in education we found another interesting article we would like to discuss with you in the Journal Club at the 26th of October: