Urban Energy Lecture: Decarbonizing the EU building stock – how are we doing?

17 May 2021 12:42 | Add to my calendar

Lecture by York Ostemeyer, Associate Professor at Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden and Chief Executive Officer Chill Services, Hanover, Germany

Hosted by the Urban Energy Institute
Date: Wednesday 8 September, 2021
Time: 4-5pm CEST - Online
Moderator: Henk Visscher

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Nearly all EU member states envision a carbon neutral building stock as part of their 2050 targets. Differing frame conditions and diverse strategies and legal frameworks make comparison of countries progress related to this difficult though.So we tried.  
In the Building Market Brief project the participants worked to carve out the character and status of ten EU countries building sectors.With a portfolio of methods of disciplines from statistics over engineering to social sciences we tried to identify opportunities, preferences, opinions and facts – and made them in a cross-country compatible format.
The result is a series of country reports and data sets on the EUs building sector and on drivers and barriers faced in changing it for the better.
The presentation will give an overview over background, methods, key findings and next steps.

York Ostermeyer is associate professor for Building Stock Modelling at Chalmers TU in Gothenburg.
His research centers on the decarbonization strategies of larger building portfolios and the role of innovation in that context.
Besides his academic work, York has started several companies in the building sector, mainly around digitization and AI applications on data topics.
He is chairing the work of the UNEP Global Alliance of Building and Construction on building passports and is member of its board.

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