30/07 - 01/08 Core Force Summer Course

30 July 2021 10:00 till 01 August 2021 13:30 - By: Communication

What are your core values? How do you project them into the world and how do they become your force? No better time than the present to reflect on these things, together with a small group of like-minded peers. This 3-day summer class with a wide range of activities, such as arts exercises, yoga, mindfulness and Martial arts will help you focus on those things that really matter to you!

Are you interested in books such as ‘The art of happiness’, ‘Ikigai’ or ‘365dagensuccesvol’ and do you want to live a happy life? Then this Core Force Summer Course is definitely for you! 



During this 3-day event, we want you to explore what matters most. 

  • Day 1: We kick off with a creative day where you get to know the other participants. The creative exercises led by Frank Auperle will push you to look further than the obvious. 
  • Day 2: On the second day, led by Dayenne Sanders, we start with some yoga and mindfulness practice to get centred. Afterwards, you will dive into your core values, expect to have a clear vision of your core values at the end of the day. 
  • Day 3: The last day is all about pushing boundaries, overcoming your fears and trust. We will give you some tools by practising Martial arts. 

Each day we start in the morning and end during lunchtime. If you like you can have lunch afterwards at X’s terrace to have an informal chat/lunch with your peers. Worried you’ll be indoors for three whole days? Don’t be, with good weather the first two days are outside! 



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Friday, Saturday and Sunday 30/07-01/08 | 10:00 - 13:30 | Rhythm & Combat (with good weather 2 days outside) | € 10 (students), € 18,- (employees), € 20,- (others) | In co-op with Yoroshi