06/10 Lecture: School of Life by Reine Rek

06 October 2021 12:00 till 13:30 - By: Communication

Career & Counselling Services is celebrating their 50th anniversary of the student psychologists at TU Delft Campus. The theme of this special week is Vulnerability. At X, we host a lunch lecture provided by the School of Life: “How can I deal with vulnerability” by Reine Rek.

The School of Life is a global organisation helping people lead more fulfilled lives.

Reine Rek studied at the University of Humanistic Studies. Located at the heart of the medieval city centre of Utrecht, the University of Humanistic Studies is a small denominational university that is explicitly inspired by humanist traditions. She counsels and gives interactive lectures. For more information you can visit her website www.reinerek.nl

A small amount of people can attend the lecture in the Theatre Hall at X while enjoying a (free) lunch.



You can enrol for the lecture via this link: https://tudelftsd.opleidingsportaal.nl/

Wednesday 06/10 | 1200 – 1330 | Theatre Hall | FREE! | In co-op with Career & Counseling Services