HALON hack event

28 June 2022 09:00 till 18:30 - Location: Pulse | Add to my calendar

In collaboration with Surf, the ICT directorate is organizing the white-hat hack event HALON: Hack AL Education in the Netherlands.

During this event, students and employees of participating institutions compete against each other and try to find vulnerabilities in the ICT of participating higher education institutions. There are 5 institutions that make themselves available as 'targets', including TU Delft and Surf. In addition, there are more participating higher education institutions, but they do not make themselves available as targets.

With this event, vulnerabilities are found in a responsible manner in the ICT landscape of the target institutions, with the aim of increasing resilience. Vulnerabilities are shared with the target instituions through responsible disclosure, where it is subsequently verified and fixed. Teams earn points by reporting vulnerabilities.

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