[NA] Hendrik Speleers: Explicit error estimates for spline approximation in isogeometric analysis

17 March 2023 12:30 till 13:30 - Location: Poelzaal (EWI, LB 01.220) | Add to my calendar

Isogeometric analysis is a well established paradigm to improve interoperability between geometric modeling and numerical simulations. It is commonly based on B-splines and shows important advantages over classical finite element analysis. In particular, the inherently high smoothness of B-splines leads to a higher accuracy per degree of freedom. This has been numerically observed in a wide range of applications, and recently a mathematical explanation has been given thanks to error estimates in spline spaces that are explicit, not only in the mesh size, but also in the polynomial degree and the smoothness.

In this talk we review some recent results on explicit error estimates for approximation by splines. These estimates are sharp or very close to sharp in several interesting cases and allow us to explain that certain spline subspaces are able to approximate eigenvalue problems without spurious outliers.