Know Your Citizens: how to boost your research with Citizen Science

04 April 2023 12:45 till 13:45 - Location: TPM-Hall B, 31.A0.020 | Add to my calendar

What is citizen science? How is it perceived by the researchers and citizens? How is the relationship dynamics between researchers and citizen scientists as well as other stakeholders? Dr. Marina van Geenhuizen, Professor at the faculty of TPM, will address these questions during the citizen science lunch on April 4. Given the importance of active citizen engagement in Citizen Science projects, she will focus her presentation on who citizen scientists are and challenges associated with the implementation of such multi-stakeholder projects.

The research of Van Geenhuizen focuses on responsible/sustainable innovation and transition in energy, transport and medical/healthcare systems. She also examines effectiveness in knowledge commercialization, including growth of university spin-off firms, living labs, networks, incubators and science parks, and contribution to the regional/urban knowledge economy. Her interest in Citizen Science as a research methodology stems from her focus on citizen-driven initiatives as the driver in risk problem-solving.

Lunch will be provided. Please, register here to ensure a seat.