Zero Emission Biotechnology Industry Day

07 December 2023 12:00 till 18:00 - Location: TU DELFT CAMPUS BUILDING 58, VAN DER MAASWEG 9, 2629 HZ, DELFT - By: Communication TNW | Add to my calendar

On Thursday 7 December, the Biotechnology Department of the Faculty of Applied Sciences is hosting an Industry Day as part of the Zero Emission Biotechnology programme

Within the Zero Emission Biotechnology programme, the researchers acknowledge the importance of early alignment with industry to identify and address major challenges that are scientifically, industrially and societally relevant. For this reason, the Biotechnology Department invites industry parties to foster meaningful discussions, showcase research developments, and generate new partnerships between industry and academy.


The programme of the Industry Day will include pitches from PhD candidates performing the different research projects, discussions of common challenges, a poster exhibition and a social gathering.

(Detailed programme will be available mid November)


Registration for the Industry Day is only possible by invitation. If you are interested in attending the Industry Day, we kindly ask you to contact programme leader Marieke Klijn at

About Zero Emission Biotechnology

Billions of years of evolution has yielded an immense variety of micro-organisms and enzymes that can harness whatever little energy and means available to their and our benefit. This makes biotechnology uniquely positioned to help realise one of societyā€™s most important transitions: from current fossil-based processes for the production of feed, food, fuels and (base and fine) chemicals to more sustainable, biological alternatives based on renewable resources.

The Zero Emission Biotechnology research programme specialises in biotechnology for reducing and reusing CO2 emissions. Our aim is to replace basic fossil-based industrial processes with enzyme or cellular-based routes where possible, and to create new routes for specialty chemicals where needed. We turn CO2 from a waste product into a renewable carbon resource.