Town Hall Meeting: A for Africa

20 December 2016 16:07 - By: Communication BK

With Africa being a massively thought-provoking region, both in its challenges and possibilities, the faculty is paying extra attention to the continent in our upcoming multi-year plan. You're warmly invited to join in the discussion on this topic during the Town Hall Meeting: A is for Africa

AAA in Africa

Over the past years, Africa has experienced the highest rate of urbanisation in the world. This rapid influx of people in cities is placing huge demands on its infrastructure, services, job creation, climate and the environment. With the UN expecting Africa's population to reach a staggering 2.4 billion by 2050, it's becoming highly challenging for the continent's cities to secure a decent quality of life for its citizens.

With Africa as one of the leading themes in our multi-year plan we're hoping to stimulate exchange of knowledge between the 64 countries and regions in Africa and the faculty. Focusing on both learning from the continent as offering our expertise in research and education where needed, we hope to gain better insights into our rapidly urbanising world and help solve the problems it poses. We are more than interested to hear your thoughts and ideas on how our education and research can learn from Africa as well as assist this greatly diverse continent in taking on the challenges it's facing. Peter Russell will give a short introduction and lead the discussion afterwards. A free lunch is available during the meeting.

The Town Hall series 'Now is the Time for the Future'

This meeting is the second in a series of three concerning the faculty's multi-year plan. Now is the Time for the Future. Dedicated to incorporate the ideas of our academic and support staff into this road map, the Town Hall Meetings offer room for discussion, proposals and interaction on the three core themes Automation, Africa and Agility (AAA). All Town Hall Meetings are followed up with a brainstorm session, where the ideas proposed during the Town Hall are translated into solid plans.

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