Final colloquium Ricard Cirera Rocosa

21 August 2018 11:00 till 11:45 - Location: Instruction room G, 3mE - By: DCSC

"Motion Planning for Nonholonomic Autonomous Vehicles in Parking Spaces: An Optimal Control Problem Approach"

This document is the final report of an MSc. thesis project done at the Delft Center for Systems and Control department of the faculty of Mechanical, Maritime and Materials Engineering at the Delft University of Technology. The thesis is on the topic of motion planning for non-holonomic autonomous vehicles in parking spaces. First, the thesis thesis proposal statement and the thesis goals are introduced. Then, the approach taken to fulfil the thesis goals is described. Following that, the steps taken to follow said approach are explained. Next, the results of the thesis work are presented. Finally, the conclusion of the thesis work is given, and recommendations are made for improvements and future work. 

Dr. M. Alirezaei