Lecture Andreas Burzel: Critical Infrastructures in Metropolitan Areas

25 September 2017 12:45 till 13:30 - Location: Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment, Room B - By: Communication BK

On 25 September, specialist Flood Risk Analysis Andreas Burzel (Deltares) will explain about critical infrastructures and collecting expert knowledge for cascading effects analyses. He will focus on cases of Amsterdam and Rotterdam.

Deltares developed CIrcle (Critical Infrastructures: Relations and Consequences for Life and Environment), a touch table application to be used at workshops where a range of grid operators and stakeholders in a particular area contribute their expertise and draw in cascading effects. 

This lecture is part of a series of six lectures organised by the minor Neighbourhood of the Future, Green Blue Cities, and will be introduced by Taneha Bacchin (Delta Interventions Studio). 

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Questions or ideas concerning this event can be sent to minorNotF@tudelft.nl or visit www.deltares.nl/circle