IDE present at the World Design Summit in Montreal: ‘Design-for-DIY methodology applied to fashion design’

17 October 2017 00:00 - Location: Montreal, Canada - By: Communication

At the World Design Summit (WDS) in Montreal (Canada) from 16 until 25 October, IDE lecturer Jan Willem Hoftijzer and researcher Danielle Martin from UQAM (L'Université du Québec à Montréal) will together present their study on 17 October. This study is called 'Fashion-Design-for-DIY'.

The study is closely related to the PhD project of Jan Willem that concerns ‘Designing for DIY’ (DfDIY) in relation to consumer products.

The interactive session ‘Fashion-design-for-DIY; enabling Do-it-Yourself to support awareness and responsible consumption’ in Montreal specifically addresses the cross-disciplinary methodology of Design-for-DIY and discusses its implementation in both product design and fashion design. DfDIY aims to support people’s awareness and appreciation of how things are made.

The summit session will discuss the results and conclusions of a range of experimental design trajectories. Fashion-Design-for-DIY projects were run by aspirant fashion designers, for the benefit of supporting amateurs to participate and express their creativity. The experiments helped developing knowledge concerning the Fashion-Design-for-DIY poiesis.

Apart from being an academic, professor Danielle Martin is a well-known fashion designer in Canada. Her latest project concerns the design of the dress that was worn by the main character in the recent film ‘Mother’.

Student work of FDfDIY (Plet)

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