Exhibition: Bioinspired Design

- Location: TU Delft Library

Related events

This exhibition is related to the earlier exhibition this year in the New Institute in Rotterdam on Designing the Surface and the EKSIG 2017 conference organized by the faculty of Industrial Design – TU Delft, explaining that the we enter a “New Material Age”, where materials are not made; they “happen’ or “grow”. 

  • This exhibition is also related to the 100 years  lustrum-program in the Botanical Garden of the TU Delft 
  • Symposium 100 jaar plantentechnologie in the Botanische Tuin, 14 sept 2017 14.00-17.00, Poortlandplein 6, 2628 BM Delft 

 Access: free

What can we learn from nature?

And how can we tackle problems our conventional methods cannot solve?

From 13 September – 9 January 2018 the TU Delft Library will host the exhibition ‘Bioinspired – Designing the Surface. Creative Learning from Nature’ . This exhibition shows examples of nature-inspired technology, and explains about the immense potential for future-oriented innovation. 

Biomimicry – surface innovations

Nature all around us has produced an unimaginable amount and versatility of solutions that can serve as an example for technology. Today many pioneering artists and designers are moving away from conventional materials, methods and workspaces to explore new territories in biology, engineering and science. Developing products, processes and services based on sustainable strategies in nature is what we call biomimicry. 

Today it is possible to create structures that can alter their physical properties, retain information, sense, and respond. This exhibition shows some examples on surface innovation, including contributions from faculties of TU Delft.

You can find pictures about the exhibition on Flickr.