Create a new game in Virtual Reality in only 7 weeks! For all of you out there who are interested in game development, designing and programming, or for those who are simply intrigued by VR, join this 7 week project in which you get to create a new game in Virtual Reality.

Wow, in only 7 weeks, is that even possible? Oh yes, we know it’s possible.

Last spring, the first group of students started developing a VR experience for the International Festival of Technology (IFoT) and came up with an amazing product after only two months. Most of them had never worked with VR before, but were all excited by the idea and learned from each other’s knowledge in certain areas, whether it was designing, programming or working with 3D models.

So what is this project going to look like? Every Thursday evening you meet up with other students who – just like you - think it would be awesome to create your own game. During these evenings you share ideas, learn how to work with Unity and build the parts for a game together. Jasper Kuijt, one of the students who worked on the IFoT project, will guide you through the software and hardware and will help you develop the game.

Where do we work?

You get to work in our temporary VR lab at Culture, that is equipped with several computers amongst which our newest ‘monster computer’ especially fit for VR and gaming. And let’s not forget the HTC Vive set which you can use not just during these evenings, but for the whole seven weeks! Your subscription to the project provides you free access to the VR lab during the entire duration of the project. So you can work on your design, on the programming parts or just to have some fun with the HTC Vive.

Interested? Then enrol quickly, there's only place for 20 people. You can subscribe until 22 September.

Thursdays starting 14 September| 19:00 – 21:00 | at Culture | €35,-