Meet the Energy Leaders: Aart van Veller; Founder and CCO Vandebron

08 June 2017 12:40 till 13:40 - Location: Faculty 3mE, room B - By: webredactie-mc

As inspiration for scientists, policy makers, entrepreneurs and students the Delft Energy Initiative organizes in the series ‘Meet the Energy Leaders’ a guest lecture by Aart van Veller with the title "Empower the Consumer”.

Attending the lecture is free of charge; registration is obligatory. You can register via this form.

The lecture is about speeding up the energy transition with the consumer in the center.

As co-founder and partner of Vandebron - and many other sustainable initiatives. Aart shows what you can do with entrepreneurship and change the economic system within.

Aarts ambition and enthusiasm creates positive energy and inspires to act differently today and tomorrow. Sustainability is not about doing less, but doing it different. While maintaining quality of life by doing things slightly differently so you get more fun out of everything you do.

After a visit to the Arctic in the spring of 2007, led by experienced polar explorer Marc Cornelissen, Aart started his first sustainable company, at this time he was 22 years old. This led, in 2010, to a place in the Top 100 most influential sustainable Dutch People. The youngest so far! In 2011 he was appointed by the World Economic Forum (WEF) as a "Young Global Shaper ', followed by a personal invitation in early 2012 at the latest Dutchman to take part in the annual meeting of the WEF in Davos.

Currently, Aart is focusing on the growth of Vandebron, which goal it is to make it possible for all households in the Netherlands to buy their energy directly from the sustainable independent producers, without the intervention of a traditional energy company. Vandebron is therefore sometimes called the Airbnb of the energy industry. They will ensure that renewable energy is more profitable without the consumers are paying more for it.

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