Thesis defence B.B.G. Lottman: concrete

01 May 2017 15:00 - Location: aula, tu delft - By: webredactie tu delft

The spalling mechanism of fire exposed concrete. Promotor 1: J.C. Walraven (CiTG), Promotor 2: E.A.B. Koenders (TU Darmstadt).

The spalling damage observed to concrete structures after severe fire exposure has been the topic of scientific research for the past decades. This phenomenon is commonly characterised by the sudden and in some cases violent breaking off of concrete pieces from the cross-section. In this thesis the derivation and the numerical results of a finite element based model are presented, using a coupled pore pressure and fracture mechanics approach. The crack patterns obtained are found to be sufficient to reduce the pore pressure to a level representing only a minor contribution. The fracture behaviour during severe fire exposure also revealed that the continued compression of the heated surface layer promotes the formation of thermal instabilities. Based on simulated results, observations from full-scale tests and a conceptual model, a philosophy is argued proposing thermal buckling as the spalling mechanism of fire exposed concrete.

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