Thesis defence F. Biljecki: city models

01 May 2017 10:00 - Location: Aula, TU Delft - By: webredactie TU Delft

Level of detail in 3D city models. Promotor: Prof.dr. J.E. Stoter (Bk).

The concept of level of detail (LOD) describes the content of 3D city models and it plays an essential role during their life cycle.
On one hand it comes akin to the concepts of scale in cartography and LOD in computer graphics, on the other hand it is a standalone concept that requires attention. LOD has an influence on tendering and acquisition, and it has a hand in storage, maintenance, and application aspects. However, it has not been significantly researched, and this PhD thesis fills this void.

This thesis reviews dozens of current LOD standards, revealing that most practitioners consider the LOD to be comprised solely of the geometric detail of data and there are disparate views on the concept as a whole. However, the research suggests that the LOD encompasses additional metrics, such as semantics and texture. The thesis formalises the concept, enabling integration and comparison of current LOD standards. The established framework may be applied to cartography and to different forms of 3D geoinformation such as point clouds.

Following the formalised concept, a new LOD specification is presented improving the LOD concept in the current OGC CityGML 2.0 standard, a prominent norm in the 3D GIS industry. The specification introduces 16 LODs for buildings that are shaped after analysing the capabilities of acquisition techniques and a large number of real-world datasets. The improved LOD specification may be integrated in product portfolios and tenders, preventing misunderstandings between stakeholders, and as a better language for communicating the specifics of a dataset to be acquired.

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