Thesis defence H.J. Koolstra: aircraft

06 July 2017 15:00 - Location: Aula, TU Delft - By: Webredactie

This thesis ‘Preventing Loss of Aircraft Control’ researches the possibilities to enhance the pilot’s  actions in situations with limited lateral control.   The loss of lateral control can either be caused by an engine failure or  unknown damage to the aircraft. This  research proves that it is feasible to determine the minimum speed to maintain adequate lateral control. This minimum speed is constantly adapted to the pilot control inputs.  The test with pilots-in-the-Loop in the SIMONA research simulator showed that recovering from roll-limited situations is very hard for pilots. The new minimum velocity indication  proved useful, but only after extensive training. Additionally, it was shown that actions after an unknown failure can improve significantly if pilots adopt the `Controllability Check’ that is standard in military aviation.

Preventing Aircraft Loss of Control. Aiding pilots in manual recovery from roll-limited situations. Promotor 1: M. Mulder (LR); Promotor 2: M.M. van Paassen (UHD-LR)

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