Thesis defence C. Eid: smart grids

17 November 2017 15:00 - Location: Aula, TU Delft - By: Webredactie

Towards the design of flexibility management in smart grids: A techno-institutional perspective. Promotor: M.P.C. Weijnen (TBM).

The European policy focus on smart grids implies their development as an indispensable part of the future power system. However, the definition of a smart grid is broad and vague, and the actual implementation of a smart grid can differ significantly, depending on the stakeholders involved.
This work aims to inform policy makers, the electricity industry and researchers about stakeholder interests and the technical complexities involved by presenting smart grids via a techno-institutional framework. This framework takes account of the technical nature of the electricity transport and supply service as well as the institutional nature of electricity markets, stakeholder perspectives and sector regulation. In addition, this work presents potential revenues resulting from flexibility management in smart grids and proposes a way forward for smart grids and flexibility management in Europe.

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