Thesis defence J.P. Bergen: nuclear energy

11 December 2017 12:30 - Location: Aula, TU Delft - By: webredactie

Reflections on the Reversibility of Nuclear Energy Technologies. Promotor: I.R. van de Poel (TBM).

Nuclear energy technologies still come with significant uncertainty about their possible harmful effects, despite more than six decades of experience with nuclear energy production. This uncertainty implies that we continue to learn about such effects even after a nuclear energy technology is introduced in society. In turn, that also means that we could come to learn that the further development and/or implementation of that technology is no longer responsible or even desirable. Should society be prepared for such a scenario? If so, what are the implications? One possible strategy for dealing with this problem is to demand that the technology and its introduction be reversible

This thesis reflects upon the implications of such reversibility for the responsible development and implementation of nuclear energy technologies. To do so, it explores a number of conceptual, normative and practical aspects of reversible nuclear energy technologies. That is, it asks under what conditions such technologies can be considered reversible, why they should be reversible, and what kinds of strategies can be employed to make them more reversible.

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