Thesis defence S. Kurapati: intermodal transport

26 June 2017 10:00 - Location: Aula, TU Delft - By: Webredactie

Situation Awareness for socio technical systems: A simulation gaming study in intermodal transport operations. Promotor: A. Verbraeck (TBM).

Decision making in socio technical  systems is complex. Situation Awareness (SA) is  an essential prerequisite for decision making in such systems.  The key objective of this dissertation was to study the role of SA on decision making and performance of individuals and teams in socio technical systems within the context of intermodal transport  using simulation gaming. We carried out empirical studies using three game (2 digital, 1 analogue) with student participants majoring in supply chain, logistics and transportation in the Netherlands and United States.  Based on these studies we found that  SA  development and maintenance  need not be limited to Shared SA for teams or Distributed SA for networks. We proposed that  both SSA and DSA could be applied to a collective setting (team, group or network)  depending on the combinations of their three distinctive characteristics--- goal orientation, information sharing and geographical location. Multi-tasking ability, personality type , gender and cultural differences and team composition, significantly  affected SA and task performance of individual actors and teams. We asserted that simulation gaming to be suitable research method for studying SA in complex socio technical organizations and provided key recommendations on the design and use of simulation games for research.  

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