Thesis defence T. Rijcken: flood risk system

22 June 2017 12:30 - Location: Aula, TU Delft - By: Webredactie

EMERGO: the Dutch flood risk system since 1986. Promotor 1: J.K. Vrijling (em.hgl(2012)CiTG); Promotor 2: M. Kok (CiTG).

In 1986, the completion of the Eastern Scheldt barrier made Dutch flood risk policymaking world famous. What has happened since then? The comprehensive historical policy analysis in this  thesis identifies three trends. National investments in flood protection have continued and were strongly supported by refined risk and acceptable risk analyses. The interplay between flood risk reduction and other water system objectives played a major strategic role and can be described by an upward movement in ‘Maslow’s hierarchy for water infrastructure development’, a concept introduced in this thesis. Nature development and landscape quality have become increasingly important, but a policy discourse analysis reveals a struggle to get to grips with these objectives and to find a balance between quantitative and narrative decision support. 

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