Bnieuws symposium: Writing and architecture

15 May 2018 12:45 till 18:00 - Location: Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment, Room F - By: Communication BK | Add to my calendar

On May 15, Bnieuws will organise a symposium on writing and architecture. All those who are interested in writing, editing, publishing, and the connection with architecture are invited.


12:45   Intro with lunch
13:00   Writing + Architecture: Klaske Havik + Mark Pimlott
14:00   Editing: Stavros Kousoulas/Ania Molenda + Sereh Mandias
15:00   Creative + academic writing: Bauke Steenhuisen + Pierijn van der Putt
16:00   Interview: Michael Koller
16:45   Layout + Typography: Jack Breen + Michael Koller
17:30   Discussion with moderator Robert Notrott
18:00   Drinks 

For questions and registration, please contact the Bnieuws editorial board

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