Exhibition: Japanese Housing

16 March 2018 00:00 till 05 April 2018 00:00 - Location: Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment, Oostserre - By: Communication BK

From architectural ethnography to planning: Kon Wajiro and Nishiyama Uzō’s participatory research of everday space in Japan from the 1910s to 1970s is on display. This exhibition features the achievements of Japanese architects Kon Wajiro (1888 – 1973) and Nishiyama Uzō (1911 – 1994), who observed the daily lives of ordinary people and who imagined housing for less privileged citizens.

Kon’s visual studies of material practices and housing studies in Japan from the 1910s to the post-World War II, and Nishiyama’s research on lifestyle and housing in the post-war Japanese cities and regions shed a light on the modernization of Japanese architecture from ae socio-cultural perspective.

Workshop: sketching survey of the public/private space in Delft

The additional workshop aims to not only inform the history of Japanese modern housing, but also to introduce the potentiality of the interdisciplinary approaches of ethnographical participatory research through sketching to conceive urban and architectural space. This walking tour workshop encourages students to learn how to investigate the social, psychological, symbolical, physiological factors create the social space in our cities, by conducting fieldworks and innovating their specific viewpoints and methods to visualize their findings. In the final discussion, students will exchange their findings and learn how their understanding of space are culturally different.