Mini-symposium SPOOL: Criticising Practice – Practicing criticism

27 March 2018 17:00 - Location: Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment, Room F - By: Communication BK

The Chair of Landscape Architecture, the Chair of Methods and Analysis and 100%Research invite you to the mini-symposium ‘Criticising Practice – Practicing Criticism’. The mini-symposium is a condensed reflection of Vol 5 No 1, Landscape Metropolis #4 of the online journal SPOOL.

Criticism can inspire us to visit a place in the landscape metropolis, to question our understanding of places and interventions, to make potential comparisons, to discover certain dimensions, to perceive the larger importance of a single place or project. Criticism is an important means of reflection on the creative processes and interventions that are part and parcel of this landscape metropolis. Critique throws light on particular projects by describing and explaining them, but also by evaluating and generalizing these reflections towards an entire discipline, be it landscape architecture, architecture, or urban design.


17:00 Welcome and introduction: ‘Criticising Practice – Practicing Criticism’
Lisa Diedrich and Saskia de Wit
17:20     Recycling post-industrial landscapes (students)
17:30    ‘The landscape of critique’
Noël van Dooren
18:00  ‘Metropolitan landscapes?’   
Greet de Block
18:30   Response 
Lilli Licka
18:50  Presentation SPOOL
Frank van den Hoeven
19:00 Drinks


Please send an e-mail before 23 March 2018. For questions feel free to contact.