Peer Review Colloquium: Re-thinking Architectural Perceptions

16 March 2018 09:30 till 16:15 - Location: Faculty of architecture and the built environment, Berlage room 1 - By: Communication BK

The day will comprise of presentations from PhD candidates and post-doctoral researchers considering architectural perceptions.

The presentations will center around a number of concepts and approaches dealing with architectural perception. Gökce Onal will present her research proposal on modes of (aerial) visual representation in her contribution “Imaging Through”, while Filippo Doria discusses architectural representation from the conceptual vantage point of “Blindness". The notion of “Play", as brought forward by Huizinga and Callois, is investigated for its potential for architecture by Nasimsadat Ravazian. In the afternoon, Stavros Kousoulas will introduce the notion of “Correlationism” and present how this notion informs his reading of the city of Athens. Alberto Altés Arlandis will present his post-doc project which re-introduces notions such as “Care" and “Attention” into the architectural debate. As external peers, Prof. Wim van den Bergh (RWTH Aachen), and Dr. Martin Søberg (KADK Copenhagen) will respond to the presentations.



Opening and introduction of candidates and peers
Convenor: Klaske Havik


Presentation Gökçe Önal
Imaging Through
Contemporary Geographies of Omni-Vision


Presentation Nasimsadat Razavian
Play of Architectural Construct
Analysis of play operations of architectural construct through the polarities of play


Department lunch with announcement  Research programmes


Presentation Filippo Doria
Blindness and Representation


Presentation Stavros Kousoulas
Urban Correlationism: A Genealogy of Architectural Logics


Presentation Alberto Altes Arlandis Architectures of Encounter, Attention and Care Towards
Responsible Worlding Action