Symposium: Water resilient cities

14 May 2018 00:00 till 15 May 2018 00:00 - By: Communication BK

On 14 – 15 May, a symposium on education for water resilient cities will be organized by the Department of Urbanism in partnership with the Center for the Living City (USA). New water-sensitive paradigms of urban planning, design, and management will be discussed, investigating how these paradigms can be integrated into teaching and research.

Building on the rich Dutch tradition of building cities with water, the organisation is seeking to build a community of educators, researchers, and other stakeholders who can contribute to education for fair, resilient, and water friendly cities within the framework of the UN Habitat New Urban Agenda and the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) – part of a wider 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. 

Many places around the world, including the Netherlands, are seeking a new paradigm for urban development, in which cities and regions should not ‘fight’ or ‘tame’ water, but should work with natural systems in order to create safe and resilient cities. By underpinning the need to work with natural systems, cultural and symbolic relationships with water can be rediscovered. From cultural relationships that include ceremonies, lifecycle events from birth to death and the privilege of drinking clean, healthy water, bringing the knowledge that water is life to our discussions enhances our stewardship in managing water. Re-educating ourselves about these relationships is a vital first step towards creating new ways for working with water.

Contribute to the symposium

Contributions in the form of accounts of experiences and practices that address water issues in urban planning, urban design, community building, culture, and urban management can be submitted. Send an abstract of maximum 400 words before 15 March 2018 to the organisation

This symposium is organized within the framework of TU Delft’s lead partnership with UN Habitat and the World Urban Campaign to promote and teach the New Urban Agenda. This event supports the Summer School Planning and Design Water, offered every July at the Department of Urbanism. 

Programme (draft)

14 May

15 May

10:00Opening/ ObjectivesSecond day intro
10:30Keynote: New paradigms for education Amy SharrocksStudent workshop/ students presentations
11:30Debate with guestsDebate with guests
12:00LunchLunch bags
13:30Round table educators on teaching, learning
(planning & design pedagogies)
Excursion to Rotterdam: City on the Water
(Jane Jacobs Walk)
14:30Mixed Group discussionExcursion
15:30Mind maps exercise: Education for water resilient citiesExcursion
17:00Final discussionExcursion
19:00-22:30Dinner Lijm & CultuurExcursion