Workshop: Re-Printing of Architectural Heritage

16 February 2018 10:00 - Location: Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment, Room V - By: Communication BK

The one-day workshop brings together scholars from various fields to discuss the challenges and opportunities of today’s technology for 3D printing in heritage.

Two projects that are currently being worked on in Middelstum and the Mauritshuis in the Hague will be presented. The experimental research projects test the available technologies to reproduce heritage architectural elements. The outcome of the research project in Middelstum, a scaled 3D print of a selected vault of a 15th century church, will be presented during the workshop. 

Additional presentations on relevant projects will be given by guests speakers from TU Eindhoven, TU Darmstadt and Fraunhofer society.  


The workshop is free of charge, but please register by sending an e-mail.