Graduation of David de Loor

16 February 2018 15:00 - Location: Room 2.98, Faculty of Civil Engineering and Geosciences - By: Webmaster Hydraulic Engineering

"An Analysis of the Phreatic Surface of Primary Flood Defences" | Professor of graduation: Prof. Dr. Ir. Matthijs Kok, supervisors: Dr. A. Askarinejad (TU Delft), Ir. K. J. Reinders ( TU Delft), Ir. T. Sikkema (IV-Infra)

PLAXIS study of a primary flood defence in the Netherlands. The influence of water level, precipitation, and wave overtopping on the position of the phreatic surface is being investigated. The hydraulic loads are applied to a clay dike with a cracked top layer and a sand dike with a cracked clay cover. The findings are related to the current deterministic methods to estimate the location of the phreatic surface.