Graduation of Thijs van der Wel

17 December 2018 13:00 - Location: Room 4.99, Faculty of Civil Engineering and Geosciences - By: Webmaster Hydraulic Engineering

"Reliability based Assessment of Quay Walls" | Professor of graduation: Prof. dr. ir. S.N. Jonkman, supervisors: Ir. P. Quist (TU Delft and Witteveen+Bos), Dr. Ir. T. Schweckendiek (TU Delft and Deltares), Ir. A.A. Roubos (TU Delft and Port of Rotterdam), Ir. D.J. Jaspers Focks (Witteveen+Bos).

Uncertainties in soil parameters play a major role in the design of quay walls. In the current design approach, partial factors are prescribed to account for uncertainties in the soil, as well as for other types of uncertainties. This semi-probabilistic design approach needs to result in a reliable design for a range of quay wall structures and for multiple soil stratifications. It is therefore expected that, in general, this method results in overdimensioning of the structure. Whether this assumption holds, is investigated by performing full probabilistic calculations using the First Order Reliability Method coupled to the finite element program Plaxis 2D. in this research, the failure probability is determined for four different failure mechanisms of two types of quay walls. The results give insight into the actual reliability of quay walls, the most important parameters and the validity of the partial factors of the Eurocode. Besides, the influence of modelling choices and different stochastic distributions is investigated.


The presentation will be in Dutch.