Lecture - Dr. Seth Guikema on Flood Defenses: Bigger is not always better

12 November 2018 12:45 till 14:00 - Location: Room 2.66, Faculty of Civil Engineering and Geosciences - By: Webmaster Hydraulic Engineering

You are invited to the lecture of Dr. Seth Guikema on Flood Defenses: Bigger is not always better.

Many communities face repeated flooding events, including coastal flooding, riverine flooding, and tsunamis. One of the traditional approaches to risk management is the construction of hard defenses such as levees and seawalls. Urban planners and others have argued that due to the levee effect this may not be the best solution in the long run. This talk presents results from two quantitative modeling projects that examine this issue. The first focuses on riverine flooding and uses an agent based model to examine the effects of both levees and individual mitigation efforts on the evolution of riverine flood risk. The second, done in conjunction with Jeremy Bricker from TU Delft, examines the effects of levees on long-term risk associated with tsunamis in Japan. These studies show that behavioral adaptation induced by the installation of hard protective measures can, in some situations, lead to increased vulnerability to future flood events.