Cyber Security Seminar by MSc Kris Shrishak : Removing the Bottleneck for Practical 2PC

10 October 2018 13:00 till 13:45 - Location: FACULTY EEMCS-BUILDING 36 (MEKELWEG 4), LIPKENSZAAL LB01.150 | Add to my calendar

Secure two-party computation (2PC) allows two mutually distrustful parties to jointly compute any function on their private inputs without revealing anything but the output. In the last decade the performances of 2PC protocols based on garbled circuits have greatly improved and, thanks also to hardware support for cryptographic operations, it is now widely believed that the remaining main bottleneck for 2PC is the bandwidth.

In this work, we show that the usage of network, rather than the bandwidth itself, hinders the efficiency of garbled circuits-based 2PC protocols. The cause is the standard TCP sockets that are typically used in secure computation. We design and implement the first transport layer framework, we call Transputation, for secure computation. Transputation enables automated and easy integration of new transport layer protocols and their usage for secure computation. We integrated selected transport layer protocols as well as garbled circuit implementations into Transputation and evaluated performance for a number of computational tasks. During evaluation Transputation selects the most optimal transport protocol for the given computation task and network conditions.

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