ThingsCon 2018 conference: ‘It’s time for a system reboot’

06 December 2018 09:30 till 07 December 2018 18:30 - Location: Bluecity, Rotterdam - By: Communication

‘Exploring how connected devices can be made better, more responsible and more respectful of fundamental human rights’. This will be the focus of the yearly conference on Internet of Things (IoT): ThingsCon. Amongst others Iskander Smit, visiting professor and PhD candidate of IDE, is organising this event and several staff and students of IDE are contributing to this conference on 6 and 7 December.

During the conference, international keynote speakers will reflect and inspire from practice. There will be 28 sessions in 2 days with 10 keynotes. About 300 designers, makers and other practitioners of connected products and IoT will come together in Rotterdam on 6 and 7 December. ThingsCon will be organised for the fifth time in the Netherlands.

IDE contributions

ThingsCon conference 2018