What can the social sciences learn from design research?

Symposium on the interplay between social sciences and design research.

11 January 2018 12:45 till 14:15 - Location: IDE Arena, Industrial Design Engineering, TU Delft - By: Communication

Three leading researchers in the fields of design, human-computer interaction, and psychology will present their latest research and share their insights into the interplay between social sciences and design research: prof. John Zimmerman (Carnegie Mellon University), dr. Disa Sauter (University of Amsterdam), and dr. Geke Ludden (University of Twente).

The symposium is organised the Delft Institute of Positive Design and Infuse, and will be moderated by dr. Anna Pohlmeyer and prof. Pieter Desmet. The symposium will be followed by the PhD defence of Jay Yoon (in the Aula Senaatzaal): “Escaping the emotional blur: Design tools for facilitating positive emotional granularity”.

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