ITD exhibition

04 July 2018 00:00 - Location: Studios 1-12, faculty of IDE - By: Communication

Come and experience speculative futures of Rotterdam! 34 teams of students have been developing future perspectives on energy, mobility, food security, natural resources, health and housing for six neighbourhoods in Rotterdam. They designed interactive experiences that will immerse you into their future scenarios. The students will present their final work at Wednesday 4 July in Delft.

About ITD
Interactive Technology Design (ITD) is a course in the Design for Interaction master programme. The course offers a mix of speculative design, tangible computer interaction and iterative prototyping to 130 design students. ITD runs for a full semester and offers a programme with ‘making-first’ as the central design strategy. Students formulate a response to the design brief by making a prototype every week. Each prototype is evaluated and the knowledge thus generated, steers the design process towards a compelling speculative future about the role of technology in society. This is made experiential by an interactive experience that immerses the users into the future scenario.

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