Exhibition: Bachelor final project

02 November 2018 15:30 till 09 November 2018 15:00 - Location: IDE Main Hall - By: Communication

For nine weeks, 100 students of the faculty of IDE have been working full-time on their bachelor final project. The results can be viewed during an exhibition, taking place from Friday 2 till Friday 9 November. The exhibition will be officially opened on 2 November at 16:00. You are welcome to join.

The exhibition will feature posters and (optional) models showing each student’s results. This time the students had to choose among 6 cases: Groupe SEB, GreenTom, Invented4Kids, Nationale Politie, Basil, and Fieldlabs UPPS.

The exhibition will be opened officially at 16:00 in the hall of the faculty of IDE. Students, coaches, the companies and other interested people will have the opportunity to toast to the achieved results.
More information on the Bachelor Final Project