Science Day Science Centre Delft

28 October 2018 11:00 till 16:00 - Location: Science Centre, TU Delft - By: Communication

Sunday 28 October, the Science Centre Delft will showcase the latest innovations in science during the Science Day 2018. This year’s theme: The Evolution of Science. This means that you will get to see the history of technology, but also get to know the latest developments. Watch, study and learn about developments by TU Delft and Delft companies. For kids and adults.

What’s there to do?
Listen to lectures and classes on robotics, genome food and the future of aviation. Then get to work yourself during several demonstrations and workshops. Themes include: design and build your own bridge, hack computers, and robotics. 

Always been curious about the secrets of TU Delft? Then take a guided tour and discover more. How about the Botanical Gardens or The Green Village. You can take pictures with famous researchers from the past, or take your best selfie in the Instagramability-room.

This day of Science and Technology is completely free of charge. Not only admission the Science Centre Delft, but also participation in the workshops, demonstrations, lectures and guided tours. So put ‘Science Day at Science Centre Delft’ in your diary for 28 October and experience ‘The Evolution of Science’.