Ocean Energy Lunch Lecture - Roland Roesch IRENA

26 March 2018 12:45 till 13:45 - Location: TU Delft; Fac 3ME; Hall D

The Delft Energy Initiative invites you to their monthly lunch lecture of the Ocean Energy Platform. Roland Roesch from IRENA (Senior Programme Officer - RE Markets and Technology Dialogue) will be the next speaker.

The TU Delft Ocean Energy Platform kindly invites you to their monthly lunch lecture.

Attendence is free of charge but registration is mandatory via this form.

Wave induced ship motions are a problem for many operations at sea. Think of lifting operations with floating cranes, or landing a helicopter on a ship. No one can tell when large waves and resulting ship motions will occur, so the crew always has to be prepared.

In practice this means large safety margins: operations are only done in benign wave conditions when the probability of large waves is sufficiently low.

During his doctoral research, Peter Naaijen considered another option: Future Telling… Although it sounds somewhat magic, his research lead to strong proof that it is possible to predict some minutes in advance exactly what waves will arrive at the ship and how the ship will react to those. Drop by if you want to know how…

For more information please check our website: www.tudelft.nl/oceanenergy