Incorporating Ethical Considerations in Autonomous & Intelligent Systems (A/IS)

11 June 2018 13:30 till 17:30 - Location: Campus The Hague

Policy & Industry Requirements in the Algorithmic Age

Autonomous & Intelligent Systems (A/IS) are rapidly spreading beyond transportation, into health, social care, manufacturing, enterprise productivity and advanced cyber-defense, to name a few application areas. They hold great promise to benefit society as well as business, but they also bring forth social, legal and ethical challenges, which include issues of major systemic risk, diminishing trust, privacy challenges and issues of data transparency, ownership and agency. This event will:

  • Promote awareness of ethical considerations around A/IS technologies.
  • Showcase the importance to and value of industry engagement in the development of standards
  • Illustrate how voluntary standards can have relevance to industry, citizens, and the policy community, and be leverage for the public good

Join us at this interactive discussion to learn more about key trends and industry and policy drivers in these areas!


  • Irakli Beridze, Centre for Artificial Intelligence and Robotics, United Nations Interregional Crime and Justice Research Institute (UNICRI)
  • Virginia Dignum, Delft Design for Values Institute / Associate Professor of Engineering Systems & Services at Delft University of Technology


  • Jean-Luc Dormoy, Member, IEEE EPPC Working Group on ICT
  • Jeroen van den Hoven, scientific director Delft Design for Values Institute
  • Jason Jercinovic, Global Head of Marketing Innovation, Havas
  • Ansgar Koene, Chair of IEEE P7003 – Algorithmic Bias Working Group, University of Notthingham, UK
  • Zoltan Szlavik, Lead at IBM Benelux Center for Advanced Studies