Thesis defence J. Chang: hypercell

23 January 2018 15:00 - Location: Aula, TU Delft - By: webredactie

Hypercell: A Bio-inspired Design Framework for Real-time Interactive Architectures. Promotor: K. Oosterhuis (Bk).

This pioneering research focuses on Biomimetic Interactive Architecture using “Computation”, “Embodiment” and “Biology” to generate an intimate embodied convergence to propose a novel rule-based design framework for creating organic architectures composed of swarm-based intelligent components. Furthermore, the research boldly claims that Interactive Architecture should emerge as the next truly Organic Architecture. As the world and society are dynamically changing, especially in this digital era, the research dares to challenge the Utilitas, Firmitas, and Venustas of the traditional architectural Weltanschauung, and rejects them by adopting the novel notion that architecture should be dynamic, fluid, and interactive. This research tents to provide and evoke novel design thinking and the framework of Interactive Architecture by discovering the interrelationship amongst three major topics: "Computation", "Embodiment", and “Biology". The project aims to elucidate pioneering research combining these three topics in one discourse: “Bio-inspired digital architectural design”. The “HyperCell” research, through an elaborate investigation on the three aforementioned topics, develops a design framework for developing real-time adaptive spatial systems. This “HyperCell” furniture system is literally reified and embodied to develop an intra-active space that proactively provokes human movement. The space thus acquires an emotive dimension and can become your pet, partner, or even friend, and might also involve multiple usabilities of the same space. This research, “HyperCell”, will encourage young architects to pursue interdisciplinary design initiatives via the fusion of computational design, embodiment, and biology for developing bio-inspired organic architectures.

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